Mascolori - The Art of the Strut

Sometimes it seems as if we live in a world where dull colours prevail. With the years of flower power and punk behind us, we have given way to years of complete unification. Mascolori fights for more colour and overturns the idea of conservatism, which currently dominates the streetscape. Mascolori brings a new, high-spirited style into the fashion-minded people of the worlds’ wardrobe.

These days there is an increasing amount of men that dare to show their bright personalities to the world. These men believe that exuberance sustains and that colour is not a sin. Around the world these men are able to stand for what they believe in and are not afraid of bold fashion with a distinct look.

While flashiness is quite normal in the Mediterranean parts of the world, countries elsewhere take the stance that you must blend in and you cannot be too crazy with what you wear. This narrow mindedness offends us at Mascolori so we stand for a new fashion and lifestyle that can be summarized as: The Art of the Strut.

Mascolori has a wide range of unique shoes and matching belts that is adverse to the mass production in this industry. These products are manufactured in small quantities with meticulous attention to detail by Pepe Milan. Through collaboration with Pepe Milan, Mascolori creates unexpected and unique designs that can only be found from our brand.

There are new models being added to the collection on a regular basis so you can always find a shoe that is perfect for you. Plus, if you have special wishes concerning colour combinations or materials, you can contact us. Since these shoes are made by hand in such small quantities, almost every colour and material combination is possible.

Since mid-2011, you can only find Pepe Milan shoes at Mascolori. We are the official distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium for this designer and the only physical store that you can find these one of a kind shoes at. If you would like to import these shoes or purchase them from the manufacturer, please let us know! You can leave a message on the contact page.

Mascolori: The Art of the Strut.