The Mascolori store

The Mascolori store is a place where the espresso is always ready and where you can casually enjoy a magazine of your choice with a good glass of Ketel 1. Our new store on the trendy Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam is a place you can find all of our models and try on the shoes of your choice. Our team is ready to help you find your brand new pair of Mascoloris Tuesday-Sunday. Keep in mind that in the Mascolori store, you can only PIN using your credit or debit card.

Shoes of all kinds and sizes

In the Mascolori Store, you won’t only find your dream shoes but also a wide variety of unique socks, ties and other accessories. In fact, for every shoe there is a matching belt available. Make your Mascoloris complete and enjoy your fresh and colourful look. This can all be found in an inspiring atmosphere where music is always playing, where art exhibitions line the walls, and where you can drink along with your fellow Mascolorists.


Shoes, socks and accessories

In the Mascolori Store most models are available in sizes 40-45 EU. There are also some models that are available in other sizes. If you have your eye on a special shoe, be sure to check online for your size. The inventory online depicts our inventory in store.

Experience the Mascolori Store

The Mascolori Store is a place where the Mascolori family can stay for as long as they’d like. We would like to share the Mascolori feeling with others and that happens best on a creative, up-and-coming street. Keep your eye on the Facebook page, because every month we find a reason to celebrate, whether it is a party to present our newest model, an artwork exhibition, or just because we feel like having a wild afternoon. By now you have reason enough to visit our Mascolori Store up-close and personal in Rotterdam!

Where can you find the Mascolori Store?

Nieuwe Binnenweg 116, 3015BE, Rotterdam.


A ten-minute walk from Central Train Station


In the centre of Rotterdam there is only paid parking spaces. On Nieuwe Binnenweg you must pay with Chipknip or Creditcard.

When is the Mascolori Store open?
  • We are here to help you from Tuesday till Sunday. You can come and visit us from Tuesday till Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00. On Sunday we are in the store from 12:00 till 17:00 to welcome you.
  • With Christmas the store wil be closed and on 31st of December we close at 17:00 and on the 1st of January the store will be closed.