Mascolori designed the limited edition ‘Sidekick’ together with artist Benjamin Scheltema.

This shoe features a design from his print and is now available online and in stores.

A friend of the brand and above all a fantastic artist, Benjamin shows his perspective of the world through his art “Mundo Ben” (World of Ben). New impressions from his daily life translate into a canvas full of various forms and colours.

Scheltema has exhibited his work several times in the Mascolori store and is now considered a good friend of the Mascolori family. Raymond Ladegent (30) and Jochem Grund (36) explained his art as, “Accessible and colourful art that appeals not only to us, but all Mascolorists.” His work transformed into fashion felt right at place in Mascolori’s collection. “The result is a great addition to the Mascolori line, there is no doubt that our customer will be more that satisfied,” they continued.

The Artwork

You can find the artwork of Havehold on the shoe, which is a painting from early 2015. This painting is based on friendship and perseverance, an important aspect in Scheltema’s life. He says that his friends are the ones who encouraged him to fulfil his dreams in becoming an artist; through thick and thin they supported him in every way possible.

The piece is also one of the winning designs from #DesignYourEvoque, an initiative of the Design Fair, OBJECT-Rotterdam. This prize was awarded by designer Piet Boon, photographer Rahi Rezvani and the founder of the Online Vincent Moleveld Gallery.

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Benjamin Scheltema

While writing poems and short stories, Scheltema noticed that something was missing - images. After this realisation he began a new, expressive ride of forming images on canvas, which led him to create ‘Mundo Ben’. This later led to him winning the #DesignYourEvoque competition during the OBJECT-Rotterdam design fair.

In spite of Scheltema’s graphic training, he is also an autodidact. Thus, the use of colour is not strange to him and is something he cannot go without. He doesn’t have to look far for inspiration, as his daily sights motivate him.

From a crying child to an unexpected conversation with a stranger, these experiences result in a variation of forms and colours that are intuitively placed on a canvas with ease.

Just like Mascolori, Scheltema enjoys unexpected connections and believes that collaborations broaden his knowledge and reach. It is this mentality that brought this brilliant design to Mascolori. His perspective also led to the creation of his own clothing label and design for the 2015 menu of top chef Sergio Herman’s restaurant, The Jane in Antwerp.

Sidekick by Benjamin Scheltema

With the mission of bringing art and fashion together, Mascolori launched this model, which is based on the work of artist Benjamin Scheltema.

Scheltema shows his perspective of the world through his work; by letting new impressions of his daily life translate into a canvas full of various forms and colours. While his work is fantastic for the wall, it is especially great on a shoe. The Sidekick is a limited edition shoe that was created in a batch of only 100 pairs.

Benjamin Scheltema, Havehold by Benjamin Scheltema, Mascolori
€ 30,00

Benjamin Scheltema, Sidekick by Benjamin Scheltema, Mascolori Sidekick by Benjamin Scheltema
€ 249,00