Cork Tattoo belt

A pair of Mascolori shoes should be accompanied by a matching belt. Or, put on this belt to give your outfit an extra special touch.

The belt fits perfectly with the shoes of the same name, but can also be combined with another shoe. The inner lining of a Mascolori belt is always leather. Just like with the shoes. So luxury and comfort are guaranteed.

What about the size:

You can figure this out by measuring your waist with a tape measure. Simply place a flexible tape measure around your waist in the position and hold that you would like your belt to have and record the size. The belt length is measured from the start of the belt (excluding the buckle) to the middle hole (that is where the belt should be worn). An example: If you have a size of 100cm, and you order a 105cm belt and you can add in the comments field that you want 100cm. Then we will make the belt exactly to that length with love.

Cork Tattoo belt

The Netherlands

  • Delivery within the Netherlands is FREE and sent via Post NL.
  • Orders before 3 pm on a working day will be dispatched the same day.
  • Delivery will take 1 working day.
  • We also deliver on Saturdays.


The EU

  • Delivery to Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg is FREE.
  • For other EU nations, delivery is free over €300
  • Orders under €300 have a €20 delivery charge.
  • Orders before 3 pm on a working day will be dispatched the same day.
  • Delivery will take up to 5 working days.


Rest of the world (including the U.K.)

  • All orders outside the EU automatically receive a 21% discount from the displayed price.
  • The discount will be applied when you reach the checkout procedure and choose a delivery destination outside of the EU.
  • Delivery costs for ALL orders will be a standard €50 regardless of the order amount. 
  • Orders before 3 pm on a working day will be dispatched the same day.
  • Delivery will take up to A MAXIMUM OF 3 weeks to arrive.


Do you have any special wishes? Simply leave us a note in the remarks section:

  • We will gladly gift wrap the shoes for you.
  • We can deliver your order to a Post NL collection point. Let us know which one.
  • We can shorten the belt. Let us know how long or short you want it.
  • Are you not home for a while? Let us know when and where we can send your package.



  • If you want other Mascoloris or have you changed your mind, you can of-course send them back. Make sure they are not worn and that we receive them within 1 month.


Have fun with your new Mascoloris

You can wear the belts with love and they require little maintenance. Roll them up neatly after wearing them and put them on with your favorite shoes. It is important that the belt is not too long or too short. Read more about this under specifications. If your belt is too long, or if the buckle does not fall into the middle hole, we will tailor the belt for you (free of charge).