Tattooed shoes at the Artist’s Ball 2016

Mascolori made a premiere as one of the acts at the Kunstenaarsbal Saturday April 2nd. The Kunstenaarsbal is a unique multidisciplinary festival where art and music come together to create a one of a kind experience. In this event there were eight halls, one of which was the home for a day to talented tattoo artists exhibiting their artwork on shoes.

Creative Mission
Within the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam a day and night show was held. Throughout the course of these twenty-four hours all forms of art were showcased, including art, photography, performance, theatre, film, poetry, audio-visual design, music, and more!

This sold-out year was the third edition of this event. Mascolori was given the chance to share their creative vision to attendees, which exemplified their mission of bringing art and fashion together. This time, their creative vision was depicted through the tattooing of shoes.

The ball brings together various artists to form one massive group exposition for a large art-focused audience. This is a mission that Mascolori supports wholeheartedly. Art is not meant to only be found in museums and galleries, but should be fused within every individual’s life. It should be a part of society’s daily lifestyle and should depict one’s personality, whether that is on your wall at home, your computer at work or even your everyday style.

Mascolori, Kunstenaarsbal, creatief, Rotterdam, Mascolori, schoenen, herenschoenen

Tattooed Shoes

The Mascolori stand presenting tattooed shoes could be found in the round hall, which was the middle point of the location. Throughout the event two distinct artists could be found, Karim Bahri and Risk Wodas. Both of which had their own unique style, which was shown by the various pairs of Mascoloris that were created.

The result was an extraordinary project and a fantastic night. With the butterflies still flying in our stomach, we couldn’t help but share the story with all our Mascolorists on our website and social media.


Karim Bahri
Karim is an autodidact illustrator, who is known for his detailed work. His artwork is realistic and is derived from the Pointillism technique, his pieces are rare and can almost only be found on the skin of eager individuals.

One can discover his personal style through his drawings, which are often described as graceful, unorthodox, and inspired by Claire obscure.

Despite the fact it was never his dream to become a tattoo artist, it has become a hobby that he uses as an outlet to bring ideas to life. He always stays true to his personal style, thus his tattoos always showcase his personal signature.

Click here for more information and follow Karim on Instagram @zona_rosa

Mascolori, Kunstenaarsbal, creatief, Rotterdam, Mascolori, schoenen, herenschoenen

Mascolori, Kunstenaarsbal, creatief, Rotterdam, Mascolori, schoenen, herenschoenen

Risk Wodas
Risk’s interest in art began when he was boy, what began as graffiti turned into a budding tattoo artist career. It was during his painting and drawing education at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, he discovered his passion for tattooing.

Today he is one of Rotterdam’s finest tattoo artists. He is well known in the scene, particularly due to his Witchcraft themed collection of shirts and exclusive posters, That WODAS First Drop.

Click here for more information and follow Karim on Instagram @riskwodas

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