Arno Coenen

The Markthal was designed by architect Winy Maas and since 1 October 2014 has been the place to go in Rotterdam for fresh products. On the ceiling of the arched hall is the impressive 'Horn of Plenty' of more than 11,000 m2 made by team Coenen: A psychedelic work of art that makes you feel small and insignificant in the face of the violence of nature.

The Pattern

Earlier in 2014, Mascolori, together with Arno Coenen (1972) & Iris Roskam (1976) - in honor of the opening of the Markthal - designed shoes with the 'Horn of Plenty' on them.
Winkel, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schoenen, Mascolori

The Artist

Arno Coenen has done more cool things. What is characteristic is that he gives color to places that most people would consider boring. He has also provided a skate park with old-Skool pen drawings and he has enchanted the Beurstraverse in Amsterdam with his special work.