Mascolori designs shoe with artist Pieter Zandvliet

It is our main goal to connect art with fashion. Therefore, together with artist Pieter Zandvliet we designed the limited edition "Outline" shoe. This limited edition shoe featuring Zandvliet’s work is now available online and in our shop.

Zandvliet is a friend of Mascolori and truly a fantastic artist. His work takes you to a special world where there are endless possibilities to discover. With his characteristic use of colours and figures he shows his dreams and fantasies. The things around him and his vivid imagination inspire his paintings. They layered and full of surprises, with a different perspective from every angle.

This is not the first time Mascolori has worked together with Zandvliet, earlier they met up at the North Sea Jazz festival to paint an exclusive pair of shoes that has been displayed in the Mascolori store. The style of Zandvliet compliments that of Mascolori, “He has accessible and colourful work, which is full of layers and surprises - just like our shoes,” said Raymond Landegent (29) and Jochem Grund (36). Fascinated with Zandvliet’s work at the North Sea Jazz festival, the men behind Mascolori did not hesitate to work together again. “Zandvliet takes you on a trip that is full of colour and bold narrative,” they continue. “His designs are visually appealing, and above all entertaining. This new design is another great work.”.

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Pieter Zandvliet

In the 80’s he began painting walls with graffiti. Meanwhile, due to his typical comical painting style, attention for outlines, and creative input at Slaphanger Gallery (gallery with exhibitions, poetry readings and performances from amateur artists), he became a respected contemporary artist in the underground and mainstream art scene.

Inspired by discoveries and exchanges with artists from all over the world, the work of Zandvliet is expressive, confrontational, honest and unique. His thoughts and feelings are translated onto canvas in a highly imaginative form, but also include contrasting, yet realistic figures in background. His work travels the entire world with the goal of sharing his creative expressions with as many people as possible.

Outline by Zandvliet

Mascolori brings fashion and art together. To further this goal, the Outline is based on the work of mixed media artist Pieter Zandvliet (1969).

Zandvliet has been drawing figures on everything in sight since age three and that is essentially what he still does today. With his typical comic paint style and attention to contours, he takes you on a trip.

His dreams, fantasies and environment inspire his paintings. This shoe is a bold, Pop-Art style, which tells a story, and an entertaining one at that. This shoe is a limited edition and only 100 pairs were ordered.

Pieter Zandvliet Outline by Zandvliet
€ 249,00

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