Last month we challenged our fans to design a sock with the theme "movement". The winner would go on to find their design in the Mascolori x Scapino Sock Box in the Mascolori Rotterdam shop.

For every purchase of the Mascolori x Scapino socks, €1 will be donated to the dance company.


Design that one special sock that depicts the central theme “movement”, which is beautifully crafted while still technically feasible. More than 200 people were put to work in this contest, to create a sock that shouts movement but at the same time is characterized by artistic design with creative and inspiring details.

During the Sock Design Contest the judges and the audience searched for designers that met certain requirements. The level at which these designers worked were extremely high and resulted in three winners: 1 audience favourite award, 1 judge favourite award and the Mascolori x Scapino Sock.

Sok 1, publieksprijs, sockcreation, mascolori, rotterdam

#1 Audience Award

Madelaine de Kort

Sok 2, juryprijs, sockcreation, mascolori, rotterdam

#2 Judge’s Award

Hans Lenders

Sok 3

#3 Our Design

Mascolori x Scapino Ballet Rotterdam


Leonne van der Burgwal

Leonne van der Burgwal
Designer at Mascolori

Dance consists of a dynamic of various emotions. The character of the dancer shows a certain form, which affects people. Nothing is ever certain because there is room for one’s own interpretation. It is precisely this personal perspective that I want to see in a design.

Mara Hulspas

Mara Hulspas
Danser Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Dance for me is the ultimate way for one to get in touch with the universe. I am inspired by everything around me, from a beautifully lit building to a personal experience or a butterfly that floats through the air. I want to see what dance means to someone in their design.

Ed Wubbe

Ed Wubbe
Artistic Director Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Movement is taking a risk by being open to creativity and surprise. It is sincere and something that you can believe in. If dance is personal, it can touch, move, and inspire people. This is the greatest power of dance; therefore it is what I am looking for in a design.


Scapino is one of the largest dance companies in the Netherlands and is the city dance company of Rotterdam. With a distinctive group of dancers from international top levels, Scapino offers the best that dance has to offer.

Scapino gives modern dance its own character, which is diverse, quirky and artistically challenging. Praised for its adventurousness, innovation, and exciting choreographers they distinguish themselves from the rest with productions that walk the line between art and artistic entertainment.

This of course is not an easy task. Each Scapino production is created with a lot of enthusiasm and energy from behind the scenes. This is all done with one common goal: touching, amazing and inspiring individuals.