Guitar Shoe

These Mascolori's are the result of a long process. The prototype was made more than 5 years ago by the Rotterdam artist Tymon de Laat. He mainly makes murals that you will not miss when you walk through Rotterdam. But Tymon also likes music and festivals and so he has created a design inspired by North Sea Jazz. The F-clef, which is characteristic of a semi-acoustic Gibson, for example, is the tour de force in this model. The element has been lasered out of the leather and below you can see dark fabric, so that the optical effect is such that music seems to come out of the shoe. You can see strings, er I mean laces, through the eyelets. These run over a gold-coloured comb. The music lover expresses his love for music with these works of art. The wood-colored tones make the Mascolori easy to combine with many outfits and are both an eye-catcher and give a calm image. Fortunately, we will be at North Sea Jazz again this year. Wherever we will be selling these guitar shoes, they may not sell out in a sigh.
  • Outer shoe: leather
  • Inner shoe: leather
  • Insole: leather
  • Sole: rubber
  • Shoe width: G/H (Average)

About our leather

Leather is made from animal skin. We mainly use strong, thick, and beautiful cowhides.

Using leather has many advantages; it can easily adjust to support your foot shape and is moisture-regulating. All of our leather comes from Southern Europe (which is more durable and of better quality than leather from Asia).


The Netherlands

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  • We also deliver on Saturdays.


The EU

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Rest of the world (including the U.K.)

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  • The discount will be applied when you reach the checkout procedure and choose a delivery destination outside of the EU.
  • Delivery costs for ALL orders will be a standard €50 regardless of the order amount. 
  • Orders before 3 pm on a working day will be dispatched the same day.
  • Delivery will take up to A MAXIMUM OF 3 weeks to arrive.


Do you have any special wishes? Simply leave us a note in the remarks section:

  • We will gladly gift wrap the shoes for you.
  • We can deliver your order to a Post NL collection point. Let us know which one.
  • We can shorten the belt. Let us know how long or short you want it.
  • Are you not home for a while? Let us know when and where we can send your package.



  • If you want other Mascoloris or have you changed your mind, you can of-course send them back. Make sure they are not worn and that we receive them within 1 month.


Have fun with your new Mascoloris

The gorgeous materials of this shoe of course need proper maintenance. That is why we always advise to protect the shoes with Repel spray by Jason Markk. This will ensure that the shoes are protected from water and other dirt. We advise that you repeat this procedure every month, but this, of course, also depends on how often you wear them.