There is an artist in every man

Mascolori is there for people who see things differently and, above all, do things differently. Together we make the world more interesting and happier in this way. With a pair of Mascolori's you show who you are and you are more unique than unique because the shoes are made in mini editions in Portugal. If you like to be in the spotlight and/or you have a creative soul, show that with your favorite handmade shoes. Many designs are created in collaboration with artist friends. If you also have an idea, please let us know. With all the Mascolorists together we achieve things you could not dream of.

Designed in Rotterdam

Since 2011, Mascolori has been the place where the most special shoes are made. Is Mascolori really not Italian? Well... We have a Mediterranean disposition but we were raised in Rotterdam. And you may hear that if you want to ask us something by telephone or come and pick out your dream pair in the Mascolori Store. We run everything with an enthusiastic Mascolori team. Together we design, but we also pour your wine and ensure that you receive your order at home as quickly as possible.

At fairs in Milan and Paris we look for the coolest material to make Mascolori's. And we work together with our artist friends, after which we manufacture material at one of our partners. This way you get shoes that are really different and with which you are seen.

Handmade in Portugal

Just south of Porto are the manufacturers that make quality shoes for brands in the higher segment. We have been working there with our regular shoemakers for years. This means that you know that every shoe fits comfortably once you know your size and that the quality is Mascolori-worthy.

Every day we make innovative designs in Rotterdam . We also do this with other creatives and based on input from your Mascolorists .

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