What are unusual shoes?

Unusual shoes are shoes that allow you to distinguish yourself from others. Because your shoes tell a story. This can be a boring or a dime a dozen story, but also a striking, special or personal story. Look at his shoes and get to know a man.

Overview of all unusual shoes

You can find all unusual Mascolori shoes in the webshop and in our store in Rotterdam.

Customers about our unusual shoes

What our customers say

Unusual shoes men

There are plenty of others and there is only one of you! You prefer to be a bit different and you think about what you wear. Mascoloris are really great. Cool boots with crazy prints, derbies with pizzazz and sneakers that will knock your socks off. What shoes! Anyone who walks on this can take on the world. Each pair of shoes is made by hand from only the best European materials. The design is made by creative minds and professionals in Rotterdam. You can feel the sleeves rolled up and the artistic vibes exuding. Of course they fit like a glove and you can dance, walk and show off in them. Do you dare to show who you are? Then it's high time for Mascolori, darling.

Unusual shoes men

Unusual shoes ladies

The average Dutch woman has more than 20 pairs of shoes in her closet. Boots, pumps, sneakers, sandals and slippers. Almost all in the same colors: black, blue, beige and cognac. But why exactly? And why do women always keep looking for that one pair they don't have yet?

Perhaps because a truly special pair is still missing from the collection. Unusual shoes with a striking print, a bright color or an artistic design. Which are guaranteed to look great under a black outfit: every woman has several of them! But the unusual women's shoes from Mascolori also work very well in combination with color.

You will definitely make a statement with our unusual women's shoes. You show that you are not afraid to be the center of attention. In fact, where is that spotlight? Shoes make the man, but certainly also the woman. They tell the story of who you are. Take a look down and think: do my shoes match what I want to radiate? Who do I really want to be with?

Mascolori has a different shoe for every occasion: choose one high boot, an low boot or asneaker. And don't forget the beautiful pumps! Go for crocodile, flowers, delft blue. For snake, abstract or multicolor. Forget boring. Mascolori is anything but average and unremarkable. A shoe brand that should not be missing in your closet.

Mascolori's design studio is located in the heart of Rotterdam. Here all creative ideas come together in unusua. new models, which are then made in Porto. In small factories, where professionals work with a love for shoes, the designs come to life. The limited editions of these unusual shoes can then be purchased via the webshop and in the Mascolori store in Rotterdam.

Unusual shoes ladies

Unusual shoe brands

Mascolori is a shoe brand that makes unusual shoes for men and women. You've probably seen these shoes before, without knowing they were Mascolori's. They attract quite a bit of attention. And that is also the intention!

What makes the shoe brand Mascolori so special?

  • Mascolori's designs are 100% Dutch Design: experimental, innovative, quirky, unconventional and with a bit of humor.
  • Mascolorists, the wearers and collectors of our shoes, are all a little different than usual. Free-thinking, artistically gifted, expressive or…
  • Fashion and art meet in the Mascolori design studio. We are always looking for new collaborations. To inspire and strengthen each other. A special concept!
  • Standard two collections per year? I do not think so. Mascolori releases new drops in small quantities all year round. Almost every week you come across new, unusual shoes in the store store and the webshop.
  • Complete your look with one shirt and belt in the same style. How unique do you want it? And then immediately bring those matching socks.
  • Did you know that we also have cork shoes in the collection? A beautifully durable material and just as comfortable as leather and suede.
  • Every shoe becomes handmade, by our professionals in Portugal. They work with the best materials to produce Mascolori's of the highest quality.

Shoes with unusual toes

Shoes with round toes, square toes, pointed toes and extra pointed toes. You can find all of these in the Mascolori range. But that's not even what makes these shoes so special. It is the colours, designs, patterns and prints that make our shoes real eye-catchers.

Shoes with peacock feather print, for example. Or an African pattern. Shoes with countless flowers or in a bright bright color. Tastes differ and that's fine. But we are quite sure that we have a nice shoe in the collection for every wayward man. Because boring and black and standard is always possible...

To make the choice a little easier, you can filter by design in the webshop: search for flowers, reptiles, animals, plain or diverse to get to your newest pair of Mascolori even faster.

Mascolori's shoes have unusual toes, but that is not the only special thing. Our shoes are also made of high-quality materials. The strong, thick leather comes from Southern Europe. Just like the cork that grows on cork trees almost next to our factories. In this way we produce the most unusual shoes in a sustainable way.

Tip: To keep the toes of your shoes in top condition, take care of the shoes regularly. The different materials each have their own instructions for use, but we have a care product on the shelf for every shoe. Sprays, creams and cleaners: everything to keep your favorite shoes beautiful. And of course you store your collector's items in a Mascolori shoe bag.

Shoes with unusual toes

Unusual women's boots

Under a long dress, a short skirt, a well-cut suit or your favorite jeans: the unusual boots from Mascolori always look good. A small warning is in order, because it puts yourself in the spotlight. Don't be surprised if other women ask you where you bought those special boots. They of course come from the Mascolori webshop. Or from the physical store in Rotterdam, on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. Because we would love to see you there too. Mascolori has unusual women's boots in different models in the collection. The stylish boot with a high heel of 9 centimeters is exceptionally comfortable. It is not difficult to keep your balance on the sturdy block heel. The mid-height ankle boots with a 5 centimeter heel have a completely different model, but can be easily combined with different looks. The low ankle boots with a 4 centimeter heel are a bit more casual but still attract plenty of attention! They have a separate slanted zipper on the outside of the boot. The toes of the Mascolori boots are all somewhat pointed. This makes them look extra nice under the narrow or wider legs of your pants. This way you give your unusual boots the stage they deserve! Mascolori women's boots are made of different materials. The designs are made of cork, leather, lacquer, fur and fabric. Here too you can make a distinctive, striking choice. And then we haven't even talked about all the beautiful prints. Because that is actually the main reason why women choose the unusual boots from Mascolori. Prints, colors and special designs in abundance. In the webshop you can filter by model, color, size and design. This way you will quickly find your new pair of Mascolori's. Did you know that your plus one can choose the same print? Make a statement and wear matching shoes. On your wedding day, or just to the supermarket. Because who says that standard has to be the standard?

Unusual women's boots

Unusual neat men's shoes

Sometimes you really want to appear neat. You are going to a wedding or you are invited to a dinner with linen napkins and silver cutlery at your in-laws' house. What? Are you going to give a lecture or have the opening of your new art exhibition? In addition to being neat, you also want to radiate something extra, because you are not the first. So you dress up with confidence in a stylish and distinctive outfit. These sublime men's shoes that you have selected yourself should not be missing. Who said extravagant and neat don't go together? You and your Mascolori's. Boxing.

If you are looking for unusual smart men's shoes, you should definitely take a look at the Mascolori collection. These shoes are very popular, especially for business, festive or other special occasions. If your outfit must meet certain standard requirements, you can still give a personal touch to your appearance with your shoes. Because why would you want to blend in with the crowd?

The unusual shoes from Mascolori really look great under a stylish suit in muted colours. That contrast means that many eyes will be focused on you. But you secretly don't mind that at all. Because if you wear Mascolori, you know that the spotlight will be on you.

For example, you wear unusual neat men's shoes when you have to give an important presentation. No, that does not distract from the content. It just shows that you are standing there confidently sharing your story. Or wear them to a premiere, a dinner, a party... When could you not wear unusual shoes?

Our Mascoloris are also often seen at weddings. Bride and groom can possibly wear the same print. A matching belt and socks complete the picture. And how special is it if your entire year club wears the same unusual Mascolori's? That will definitely be talked about!

Buy your neat men's shoes in the Mascolori webshop or come to our physical store store in Rotterdam. We are happy to help you choose your first or next pair of unusual shoes. Because a little warning is in order: buying and wearing Mascolori's can be quite addictive...

Unusual neat men's shoes

Unusual women's shoes online

Looking for unusual women's shoes, but you just can't find them in the stores in your city? That could be right. Most large shoe stores have an increasingly standard offering. That just sells well to the average woman. But you are different! Therefore, stop shopping in the city. Unless you are in Rotterdam. Then you simply haven't been to the right place. You will find Mascolori on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. You will certainly succeed there if you are looking for unusual women's shoes. Fortunately, there is a very nice alternative for all other women: the Mascolori webshop. Here you will find unusual women's shoes online. The models, prints, colors and materials cannot be compared with other shoe brands. So sit back and take your time for a good shopping session. Mascolori online is open 24 hours a day especially for you! If you buy women's shoes online in our webshop, you can choose from different models. We have unusual boots, sneakers, pumps and derbies. From high heels to flat shoes and from business-proof to casual: we've got you. In addition, you can of course choose from a huge number of special designs. Do you like the fur shoes, do you go for multicolor or a nice bright animal print? Nobody stops you! Or at least… be prepared for the question from acquaintances and total strangers: “where did you buy those fantastic shoes?” The answer is simple: “I was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. That's where I bought my unusual shoes. Scrolling through the Mascolori webshop.”

Unusual women's shoes online

Unusual low boots

Low boots or ankle boots have become an indispensable part of the fashion scene. And that is also very understandable. These boots are timeless and can always be worn. Because you can wear short boots just as easily with pants as with a skirt or dress. However, there are a few things you can pay attention to:

  • Would you like to make your legs look longer? Then choose a boot in the same color as the rest of your legs. You should only wear a separate boot in a special color if you also wear tights or pants in the same color.
  • But it is much more fun to draw attention to your feet by wearing short boots that have a completely different color than the rest of your outfit. Stand out with an exuberant print or a good bright color!
  • Another way to emphasize your new ankle boots is to wear them with pants. Don't let the leg fall on the shoe, but roll it up a little so that some leg is visible. Want to bet everyone is looking at your low boots?
  • Do you want to shine together with your partner? Then choose shoes in the same color or print. He wears his unusual men's shoes, you wear matching boots from Mascolori.

Mascolori has different types of short boots in the collection. They are all particularly comfortable to walk on because they have a sturdy heel. Depending on the model, the heels are 4 or 5 centimeters high. This is in contrast to our high boots, which have a heel height of 9 centimeters.

The unusual boots from Mascolori all have a zipper on the side of the shoe, making them easy to put on and take off.

Unusual low boots

Unusual high heels

High heels are always a good idea! With a nice pair of pumps or boots with a big heel under your outfit, you make a powerful statement: here I am and you can't ignore me. And you emphasize this when you consciously choose an unusual women's shoe with a high heel. A beautiful design, a special color or a special print: show it off! Because you deserve to be seen.

The high boots from Mascolori have a beautiful block heel of 9 centimeters. Yes, that's quite a height! But due to the width of the heel and the quality of the boot, you can still walk very comfortably in it. The only stress you experience is choice stress. Because which boot is the most beautiful? All high heel boots are one of a kind. So you always walk on an eye-catcher.

Mascolori high heels, like all our other shoes, are designed in our studio in Rotterdam. Always with the idea: how do we make the world a little bit more beautiful with our shoes? The high-heeled boots are a feast for the eyes anyway, but the special prints and colors make the Mascolori boots really special.

The unusual high heels from Mascolori are made from different materials. In Portugal, the shoes are lovingly assembled in a factory using hand-operated machines. The craftsmen there know exactly how to handle the patent leather, fabrics, satin and smooth leather. The results of their craft can be found in our webshop and in our brick and mortar store in Rotterdam.

Unusual high heels

Unusual sneakers

Sneakers have definitively conquered the streets. In the past, sports shoes were only worn in the sports hall or on the tennis court. It was a functional shoe for sports. That is no longer the case. Sneakers have claimed their place in the fashion industry. Rightly so!

The white sneaker has already become a real classic. But fortunately, unusual sneakers are also allowed. Of course, one pair is not enough. You want one with every outfit special sneaker that really completes your look. The Mascolori sneakers absolutely do that. With special prints and beautiful designs you will quickly steal the show. Because even on casual Friday you look fantastically fashionable. The thick, white sole gives the Mascolori sneakers an extra sporty twist. In addition, they ensure that you walk on them super comfortably.

Did you know that our sneakers are available in size 36 to size 47? Yes, you understand that correctly: these unisex sneakers are made for women and men. Because why would we exclude half the world's population if we can make everyone happy with a pair of unusual sneakers from Mascolori?

Mascolori's unusual sports shoes all have a removable insole. Your own insoles fit in with ease, or you can place them over the existing insole.

Unusual sneakers

Unusual summer shoes

Having trouble finding unusual summer shoes? Then you probably haven't thought about your trusted Mascolori's yet. Because after the winter you simply wear it in the summer. Thanks to the natural and breathable materials, this is no problem. And this way you will be in good shape all year round.

The pointed toe always works well under long trousers. Just like the boots. And when it gets really hot, opt for unusual sneakers under your shorts. Or do you simply dare to wear a sporty derby underneath? You decide what fashion is!

The special shoes from Mascolori are not only timeless, they can also be worn throughout all seasons. But it is of course nice to choose a fresh or sunny print in the summer. The ethnic 'African Dream', for example. Or 'Barcelona' with a mosaic print reminiscent of Gaudi. Maybe the more classic 'Blue Garden' or the 'Emperor Sneaker'? There is a striking shoe to match every summer outfit.

Buy your unusual summer shoes online in the webshop and with a bit of luck you will receive them the next day. Because on working days we will pack your order the same day if you order before 3 p.m. Delivery within the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg is completely free. So you don't have to leave it for that.

But of course we would also love to meet you in our brick and mortar store in Rotterdam. There you can see the latest collection of Mascolori's and try on the different models. And to be honest: the prints and designs are of course much more beautiful in real life than in the photos. Reason enough to come by sometime. You're more than welcome!

Unusual summer shoes

Unusual wedding shoes

On that very special day you naturally want to look great. A nice suit, a sleek look and a big smile on your face. The finishing touch is a pair of incredibly beautiful shoes that complete your wedding outfit. Shoes that will even steal your bride's thunder for a moment. But she certainly won't mind. Because what could be better than marrying a man with a sense of fashion and taste?

With the unusual wedding shoes from Mascolori you show that you are confidently starting this new phase of your life. Moving confidently towards the future. Together with your bride. Did you know that you can also twin at your wedding? Mascolori has both men's and women's shoes in the collection from a number of special prints. Can you already see the photos? You in a perfect suit, she in a breathtaking white dress. And underneath, great bridal shoes with the same print as your special shoes. It doesn't get much more romantic!

A small warning is in order. If your wedding shoes are your first pair of Mascolori's, they probably won't be your last. Because once you have discovered our awesome shoes, there is a good chance that you will come back again. So you will definitely wear those wedding shoes much more often. And that's a good thing, because leaving it in the cupboard is a real sin.

Unusual wedding shoes

Frequently asked questions about unusual shoes

Just not in bed. And in the shower. But for almost all other occasions: a pair of Mascolori's never looks out of place. You can wear special shoes every day. Just because they are separate doesn't mean you can only wear them to parties and other special gatherings. Put them on whenever you feel like it and you'll always be in the right place. Although we understand that you initially buy them for that special occasion. That's absolutely fine! But then continue to wear them. Spread the Mascolori Story!
Of course you want to keep your special shoes in top condition. And that is also possible. You just have to look into the material your shoes are made of. Because every material has its own instructions for use. We have sprays and creams for patent leather, smooth leather, fabric, satin and more. These protect your unusual shoes, for example, against dirt and water. The Jason Markk Repel Spray puts an invisible layer over your shoes, but still lets them breathe. And with the Aphir Medaille D'Or Sole Guard you can keep the soles of your shoes waterproof. These and other care products can be purchased via the webshop and in the Mascolori brick and mortar store.
Shoes with a story. Shoes that make this world a little more beautiful, interesting and cheerful. Those must be Mascolori's shoes. Are you ready to become a Mascolorist too? Then we would love to see you in our store at Nieuwe Binnenweg 116 in Rotterdam. Our home base, where you are always welcome. Is that not really nearby or would you rather shop from home? Then go to the webshop. There you will also find a wide choice of special Mascolori shoes. Filter by size, model, material or color and find the shoes that are made for you.
POV: one of your best friends is getting married and of course you are invited as a year club. What do you do to show that you belong together? Correct. You all wear the same, striking, special Mascolori's. Come to Rotterdam together and we will ensure that you can appear at the party with matching shoes. You will definitely impress with this! Are you the groom yourself? Then come with your future wife. Because how nice is it to wear shoes with the same print under your wedding clothes? Tip: just tell your year club that they don't do the same trick...
Well, very simple actually. First of all, you buy the shoes because you simply like them. But often also because the story behind the shoes appeals to you. Mascolori makes shoes for people who see things a little differently. Or do. Or feel. People who have an eye for beauty, art and beautiful brands. Do you fit somewhere in that list? Then we would like to invite you to become a Mascolorist. There are more and more of us and together we make the world a little bit more beautiful. When will you buy your first pair of Mascolori's?

Buy unusual shoes at Mascolori – THE Shoe Shop in Rotterdam

Looking for a shoe store in Rotterdam? Then you must have seen Mascolori. Here you can buy shoes that are special and unusual. Beautiful materials, special models and crazy prints: for unusual men's shoes in Rotterdam you should definitely go to Nieuwe Binnenweg 116.

Sneakers, derbies, boots and pointed toes: Mascolori sells several awesome models in a beautiful shoe store in Rotterdam. Just like in the webshop, by the way. Have you ever looked there? Do you want to complete your outfit? Then go for matching socks, a belt or a shirt. Warning: you will be recognized as a Mascolorist!

In addition to men's shoes, Mascolori also sells beautiful women's shoes in Rotterdam. Ankle boots, heeled boots and sneakers that can also match the men's shoes from this beautiful brand. You'll definitely make a statement with these shoes.

Are you going to buy shoes in Rotterdam? Then you are very welcome in our special store, where we are happy to tell you the story behind our brand. You are very welcome among our special shoes in Rotterdam!

Shoe store Rotterdam

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