What Are Colored Shoes?

All shoes have color. But by colored shoes we often mean shoes that have a special color, or multiple colors. The simple black, blue and brown shoes are not included. With colored shoes you can distinguish yourself from others.
Overview of all colored shoes

You can find all colored shoes from Mascolori in the webshop and in our store in Rotterdam.

Customers about our colored shoes

Bought via the webshop or in the Mascolori shoe store in Rotterdam.

Customers about our colored shoes

Bought via the webshop or in the Mascolori shoe store in Rotterdam.

What our customers say

Colored shoes men

You look colorful with Mascolori's on your feet. There are power shoes to suit every occasion and every mood. Do you dare to be someone? Then go for shoes with a wild design or make a statement with sneakers with an artistic color combination or original choice of materials. Wear them with jeans or a three-piece suit. Mascolorists are a bit naughty, exceptionally passionate or outspokenly confident. But you mainly recognize them by their sense of class and their colorful gait. Are you a Mascolorist?

Colored shoes men

Colored women's shoes

Many women still opt for the safe, boring black shoe. Or go ahead, let it be blue or brown. But it doesn't go much further than that. And that is such a shame! Because why wouldn't you choose a colored shoe with a story? A shoe that emphasizes your colorful personality?

Because that's exactly what Mascolori shoes do for you: they make you shine. There is a matching colored shoe for every outfit, in a model of your choice: go for it low or high boots or choose a few special ones sneakers. Red boots, Delft blue sneakers, a patent heel or floral print all over. Mascolori has it all. Now you!

Why does a woman wear colored shoes? Because this confident woman doesn't mind at all if all eyes are drawn to her feet the moment she steps into a place. In fact, she enjoys it! And just because it is possible. You can always go through life in boring, black shoes, right?

Speaking of black: colored shoes look very nice underneath. It's super stylish and it stands out nicely. How about a green coat under your neat black trousers? Or a red snake print under your little black dress? Exactly, that's a great upgrade to your overall outfit!

All colored women's shoes are designed in our Rotterdam studio. This is where the most beautiful shoes are created on paper. They are then assembled in a traditional manner in Portugal by passionate craftsmen. The result is a comfortable work of art every time. Because the colorful shoes from Mascolori are not only incredibly beautiful, they are also very comfortable to walk on.

Colored women's shoes

Colored sneakers

Sneakers are here to stay. What used to be a shoe that was only worn by athletes is now a shoe that is embraced and worn by all walks of life. That makes sense: nothing feels as good as a pair of nice sneakers. And nowadays sneakers come in all colors of the rainbow.

Because sports shoes are not only wonderfully comfortable to walk in, but increasingly also real eye-catchers. Every colored sneaker from Mascolori is a collector's item in itself, but there are also designs that are even more special. Have you seen the sneakers of artist Pieter Zandvliet yet? A real special within the Mascolori collection. And there are more!

The colored onesneakersfrom Mascolori always have something extra: a beautiful print or a special material such as fur, cork or suede. And that is why they are so versatile. This sneakers are just that little bit more than an average sneaker from another brand. Because Mascolori sneakers still look great under a tailor-made suit. In combination with a casual outfit, it provides an upgrade. You continue to appear stylish. In short: a colored sneaker from Mascolori fits every look.

Another advantage of our colored shoes: if you have to stand for a long time or walk a long way, you can literally get away with Mascolori sneakers. It's like walking on clouds, if we say so ourselves. Thanks to the removable insole, you can also place your own insoles in it. Or you place them over the existing sole. Looking good has never been so easy.

Colored sneakers

Colored boots

Boots have now become a real classic in shoe fashion. You see them again every season, both in winter and summer. Every woman certainly has a few pairs in her closet. But what is striking is that they are almost never colored boots. But always black or brown. “Nice and safe and it goes with everything,” is often the explanation. Yes, that's right, at least no one notices them anymore...

There's nothing more fun than dressing up with colored boots and a beautiful design. Show off the classy heels you wear. Come in with your pointed toes. Your boots deserve to be seen. You deserve to be seen! Choose colorful boots that say something about you. Because without words, these boots tell you that the spotlight is there especially for you. That you have natural self-confidence. And that you have something interesting to say. You don't have to explain it all yourself anymore...

If you go to the women's shoes in the Mascolori webshop, you can see that we have different types of colorful boots:

Low boots 4 cm. These ankle boots have a diagonal zipper on the side and a 4 cm high heel. This is an ideal boot that you can wear under pants, skirt or dress.
Low classic 5 cm.
These are also ankle boots, but the model is a bit more classic. With a 5 cm block heel they are still very comfortable to walk on.

High boots 9 cm.
A real beauty with a heel to die for. Whatever color you choose: this is an eye-catcher. With width size G, this boot has an average or normal last.

The following applies to all Mascolori boots: the insole is made of leather and the outsole is made of stitched rubber or leather.

Colored boots

Colored sports shoes

Mascolori sports shoes are available from size 36 to size 47 and are suitable for both women and men. Our colorful sneakers have a unisex model, so that everyone can enjoy walking in these shoes.

We make colored sneakers from various special materials such as cork, fur and lacquer. But most sports shoes are made of leather. Mascolori mainly uses Southern European cowhides, because they are thick, sturdy and beautiful. Our small-scale factories are located in Portugal, making this a sustainable choice.

The leather and other materials are provided with great prints and designs. A colored sports shoe from Mascolori is never an average sports shoe. We love bright colours, contrasts, relief and special combinations. No other brand can match the colored sports shoes from Mascolori. You recognize them out of thousands.

And that is exactly how you can recognize Mascolorists. They are people who do their own thing, are not afraid of other people's opinions, a bit artistic or idiosyncratic, but always interested in the world around them. That is also the story behind the colored sports shoes: together we make the world a little more beautiful. We all benefit from that.

Mascolori was created in Rotterdam in 2011 for and by people who see and do things differently. A group of people with surprising ideas, not afraid to skip the beaten track and discover and explore new paths themselves. On special and colored sports shoes, for example.

Colored sports shoes

More about Mascolori

We have much more to tell. Curious about the rest of our story?

Frequently asked questions about colored shoes

Our shoes are made using traditional methods in small factories in Portugal. We adhere to European dimensions. This means that a size 43 is really a size 43. But we have also thought of the tall and/or large man: our colored shoes go up to size 48! The width of our shoes is G or H. That is a normal or average width, up to a little bit wider. Our experience is that the average Dutch man fits our shoes very well. For ladies we start at size 36 and size 43 is the largest option. Unless you opt for the unisex sneaker. It runs from size 36 to size 47.
At Mascolori in Rotterdam, of course! You will find our brick and mortar store at Nieuwe Binnenweg 116. In addition to the most beautiful colored shoes, we also sell matching socks, shirts, belts and other accessories. Have you ever been there? You are very welcome! We also regularly have parties there. At the launch of a new shoe, for example. Or just because we feel like it. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to always be informed about our events. You can also easily buy colored shoes from Mascolori via our webshop. Ordered before 3 p.m.? In most cases you will receive your new shoes the next day.
Rain and road dirt can eventually make the colors of your Mascolori's fade a bit, but fortunately we have found a solution for that. With the Saphier Medaille D'Or Nettoyant you can bring out the original color of your fabric or suede shoes in an instant. You can find this magical remedy here on the website. We also recommend that you store all colored shoes that you will not wear for a while in a Mascolori shoe bag to protect them against external influences. Also handy to transport them when you travel.
Mascolori shoes are made of different materials. Leather is the best known of these. We use the thick leather from Southern European cattle, so that we can be assured of good quality. We also make colored shoes from cork, lacquer, fur, suede, glitter, satin and velour. These come in all kinds of crazy prints, colors and designs. Exactly as we conceived them in our design studio. Come try them on in our store in Rotterdam. Or visit the webshop, where it is also stated what material each colorful shoe is made of.
You wear colored shoes if you dare to wear them. And not everyone does that. Apparently it requires a certain self-confidence to wear special shoes in beautiful colors and prints. But the true enthusiast usually does not stick to one pair. In fact, once you have taken the literal step to Mascolori's, there is a good chance that you will come back to us again. In our brick and mortar store in Rotterdam, or via the webshop. Are you not yet a daily wearer of unusual, colored shoes? Then a special occasion such as a wedding or a party is a good opportunity to start. Steal the show and the thunder!

Buy colored shoes at Mascolori – THE Shoe Shop in Rotterdam

Looking for a shoe store in Rotterdam? Then you must have seen Mascolori. Here you can buy shoes that are special and special. Beautiful materials, special models and crazy prints: for special men's shoes in Rotterdam you should definitely go to Nieuwe Binnenweg 116.

Sneakers, derbies, boots and pointed toe: Mascolori sells several awesome models in a beautiful shoe store in Rotterdam. Just like in the webshop, by the way. Have you ever looked there? Do you want to complete your outfit? Then go for matching socks, a belt or a shirt. Warning: you will be recognized as a Mascolorist!

Next men's shoes Mascolori also sells beautiful ones women's shoes in Rotterdam. Ankle boots, boots with heel and sneakers which may also match the men's shoes from this beautiful brand. You'll definitely make a statement with these shoes.

Are you going to buy shoes in Rotterdam? Then you are very welcome in our special store, where we are happy to help you story tell us behind our brand. You are very welcome among our special shoes in Rotterdam!

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