What are handmade shoes?

Handmade shoes are traditionally made in small quantities. The shoes are unique and no complicated machines are involved. The artistic Mascoloris are made with love and attention in temperamental Portugal. Especially for you!

Mascolori shoes are everything you are. Stylish, stunning and a bit rebellious. Which handmade shoes fit you like a glove?

Overview of all handmade shoes

Mascolori shoes are everything you are. Stylish, stunning and a bit rebellious. Which handmade shoes fit you like a glove?

Customers about our handmade shoes

A select group of conscious people with a sense of style are crazy about Mascolori's handmade shoes.

Customers about our handmade shoes

A select group of conscious people with a sense of style are crazy about Mascolori's handmade shoes.

What our customers say

Handmade shoes men

Mascolori's handmade shoes for men stand out. They are colorful and special. You stand out! Mascolori's become Mascolori's with artistic precision designed in the port city of Rotterdam. They are then manufactured with dedication and craftsmanship under the sun of Portugal, in a small edition. The designs are so fucking beautiful, your day just can't go wrong when you have such ingenious shoes on your feet. From Alligator Red to Space Leopard and from African Dream to Dutch Delight. It just makes you dance. And sing. Jumping is also possible. The handmade shoes for men are honest and incredibly beautiful. Wear them under a great suit or cool jeans and don't forget your irresistible smile.

Handmade shoes

Choosing handmade shoes: it is a statement. It expresses that you are someone with courage and a sense of beauty. But also that you love yourself and the world around you. And that's why you only want to wear honest shoes. Shoes that are durable and made by hand from the best materials available. Are you a Mascolorist with a preference for handmade shoes made of patent leather, fur or fabric? Maybe you are a fanatic with flair and you already have them in all shapes and colors. Fortunately, new designs keep rolling off the drawing board in Rotterdam. You never have to wait for a new drop.

Handmade sneakers

Do you love a casual look with a somewhat artistic twist? Then you are perfect for it sneakers from Mascolori. The sporty Mascolori's are made by diligent hands in Porto. Only after they have been designed by artists and talented designers in Rotterdam, of course. These exceptional sneakers have a flexible white sole and laces. Yet it is mainly the characteristic prints that make the handmade sneakers so cool. Do you want them with crazy flowers, do you go for a funky look or do you dance through life with Discodash Sneakers under your pants? One thing is certain: once you wear handmade sneakers from Mascolori, you won't want anything else. We warned you!

Handmade boots

A boot is nothing more than a shoe with a higher shaft. The handmade boots from Mascolori are half-height and are also called boots. They are easy to put on, thanks to the elastic material used. Or would you rather wear a cool boot with a super zipper? That is also possible. You can see from all the pieces that they have been designed with love and made with care. Industrious hands have put them together in an honest way. And of course there is only a small edition of each type. Boots from Mascolori are cool and they look perfect with trousers and jeans. Even if you don't wear anything else, you still look great. See for yourself what you are doing.

Handmade shoes Netherlands

Style fanatics and fashion lovers: pay attention! The Netherlands is the cradle of Mascolori. The shoe brand that you cannot possibly ignore if you have a quirky personality. The handmade shoes are designed in the Netherlands by very talented designers and crazy artists with a sense of style. This has been happening since 2011 with great pleasure, passion and perfection. What you put in, you get out and that is certainly reflected in the Mascolori collection. Wondering if you are a Mascolorist through and through? Then take a look around the website. Or take an extensive look, feel and fit the store in Rotterdam. You will find walls full of unique shoes of Dutch design.

Handmade shoes Portugal

Handmade finally wins over factory. You also think it is high time to think sustainably and buy sustainably. That is why Mascolori's are fortunately becoming more and more famous. The shoes are designed in the Netherlands and then handmade in Portugal, from local materials. Not just haphazardly, but professionally and with the utmost care. The result is an honest product that, above all, looks impressive. One thing is certain: you will love those boots, sneakers or pointed shoes from Mascolori!

Italian shoes handmade ladies

Italy is known to be a country for lovers of exclusive fashion. It is therefore understandable that you searched for the search term 'Italian shoes handmade ladies'. Or something of a similar nature. So now you have ended up at Mascolori: congratulations! The fact is that these are not Italian shoes, but they are certainly the most stylish shoes you have probably ever come across. The shoes with an Italian look for women are from Dutch designers and handmade in Porto. That is in Portugal and not in Italy. Mascolori has sneakers, high heels and low boots for women in the collection. Made of cork, lacquer, fur, leather or fabric. With artistic and special prints and in amazing colors. Portugal is the new Italy!

Handmade shoes ladies

Women with style and ladies with courage: pay attention! Mascolori is a brand not to be missed. If you want to belong to the club of quirky people with a love for beautiful shoes, join us. All women's shoes are handmade in sunny Portugal by real professionals who know what they are doing. But they are not designed there, because that happens in Rotterdam. A select group of talented designers and artists set the bar high for themselves. A design only makes it if it is really and really good. Because a women's shoe can only be from Mascolori if it has a unique and special design.

Handmade custom shoes

All Mascolori shoes are special and are always made by hand. In a small edition, so that many people never have the same shoes as you. Yet there is still a superlative for those who want an exceptional shoe. You can then have it custom designed especially for you by Mascolori. As far as the design is concerned, you can go in any direction. It is printed on smooth cowhide leather. You can choose from the well-known pointed shoe for men or the flat lace-up shoe for women. The sole is made of rubber or leather. You will cut a good figure with handmade, custom-made shoes. Nice for a special occasion. Or give them as a gift to someone very special.

Handmade Italian shoes

Handmade Italian shoes are known for their exclusivity and often excel in the use of materials and finishing. Good news: there is a shoe from Dutch soil with at least the same properties. At least, indeed. Because Mascolori's has a lot of extras to offer. The shoes designed in Rotterdam and made in Portugal are so comfortable that it feels like you are dancing. They are unique in terms of material use and the print is different than usual. You have never seen them so beautiful. If you wear pointed shoes, boots or sneakers from Mascolori, you know you stand out. You've never been so dressed up.

Buy handmade shoes

Why do you want to buy handmade shoes from Mascolori? There are many reasons for this. First of all, you can be sure that you have chosen an honest shoe that was designed in Rotterdam and then traditionally made in Porto. What is also certain: you are the owner of unique footwear and you will never want to switch to another brand. Not really? No, because you can't possibly look this playful, great, crazy, sparkling, triumphant and beautiful with other shoes. Mascolori is doing well. The initiative was founded in 2011 and in recent years the brand has attracted the attention of an ever-growing group of lovers of beautiful shoes. It looks like this trend will continue. You never have to be afraid that you have the same shoes as your neighbors. That chance is nil. All designs are produced in a limited edition. You are and will always remain unique with Mascolori.

Handmade leather shoes

Are you looking for handmade leather shoes? Mascolori makes shoes from various high-quality materials. One of those types is smooth leather. Bovine leather from Southern Europe is used because of its sustainable quality. Suede is made from the inside of the cowhide and beautiful handmade Mascolori's are also made from this. Another material that contains leather is patent leather. This is a product that consists of the unique combination of leather and a waterproof synthetic layer. Do you prefer satin, velor or cork shoes? Everything is possible. What you know for sure: all pointed shoes,boots,lace-up shoesandsneakersfit like a glove and look surprisingly good on you.

Luxury handmade shoes

Do you want to treat yourself or someone else with luxurious handmade shoes? The Mascolori brand guarantees quality, durability and perfection. If you choose Mascolori, you choose an eye-catching and idiosyncratic design. But you also opt for great wearing comfort: you dance all night long with Mascolori at your feet. Mascolori's are a household name and only suitable for people with taste and love for shoes. They are not simply designed. This is preceded by a creative process. Even when it comes to the choice of materials and implementation, nothing is done overnight. Quality is the key concept. That starts at the drawing boardRotjeknor and continues in the small factory in sunny Porto.

Handmade shoes Rotterdam

Have you ever heard of handmade shoes from Rotterdam? That is partly correct. Mascolori's shoes aredesigned in this port city and then handmade in Porto, Portugal. In 2011, the first shoes from this unique label saw the light of day. That was such a great success that one special design after another rolled off the drawing board. Only a small edition of all designs was - and still is - made. This way you always have something special on your feet. Do you goto marry, seduce someone, do some shopping or just walk around the block? Mascoloris are always possible: at a party, at work and on stage!

Handmade shoes trend

Are you looking for handmade shoes that match the current trend? Then you are looking for shoes from Mascolori. Mascolori's are a hit among hip dudes and cool ladies. The shoes becomehandmade in Portugal. The designs are exclusive, playful and delightfully different. Are you colorful enough to whirl through life with comfortable shoes with an artistic design? Then you are probably really an (aspiring) Mascolorist. Do you want to be sure? Check the website or take a look in thestore in Rotterdam. All those inspiring shoes make you dizzy with happiness. That's great, man!

Frequently asked questions about handmade shoes

Handmade shoes are made by hand by real shoemakers. This means that no large machines are involved. Mascolori shoes are designed in the Netherlands and made in Portugal. In a small edition of approximately 75 pairs per design.
Mascolori also makes custom shoes. You can instruct our designers to work for you. Even if you already have a nice design yourself, there are various options. If you and we are satisfied with the design, the shoes will be made by hand in Portugal. Especially for you.
Handmade shoes from Mascolori are already available for less than 200 euros. We like to keep quality as affordable as possible. This way you always get value for your money. The shoes are designed in the Netherlands and handmade in Portugal. Small-scale and made from the best, sustainable materials.
At Mascolori you can have shoes made to measure. The design team in Rotterdam will create a unique design especially for you in consultation. The shoes are ultimately made for you in Portugal with dedication and craftsmanship. Shoes from Mascolori have always been special. If you have them custom made, you can be sure that you have shoes that no one else has.
You can have shoes designed at Mascolori. Come up with your own ideas or let our creatives do their thing. If the design is to your liking, the leather is printed and then the shoe is made. The result is a unique pointed shoe or flat lace-up shoe.

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