What are Hugo de Jonge shoes?

Minister Hugo de Jonge attracts a lot of attention with his Mascolori shoes. In the serious, gray The Hague, he provides a rebellious, colorful note among all the other politicians. Hugo de Jonge likes to wear shoes in striking colors or with special designs. With shoes from Mascolori he distinguishes himself from others.

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Hugo de Jonge buys his shoes in the Mascolori webshop or he comes to our store in Rotterdam .

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Bought in the Mascolori shoe store in Rotterdam, or via our webshop.

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Shoes minister Hugo de Jonge

Hugo de Jonge has been a minister in the House of Representatives since 2017, but he only really became known to the general public through the many press conferences during the pandemic. Next to Mark Rutte he was shining on his Mascolori's. Shoes that he carefully selected in our store, or ordered via the webshop.

Hugo de Jonge also stands out during his daily walks through Het Binnenhof because of his special shoes. He now has an enormous collection of Mascolori's, with which he manages to make the political world a little more beautiful. And he is absolutely right! Because why would you only wear black, blue and gray?

“I always wear cheerful shoes and this is a cheerful day,” he said to NOS on the day he was sworn in as minister. “There is no reason to live a gloomy and boring life.” Hugo de Jonge's shoes immediately became a trending topic. The new minister was the talk of the day. The reactions were quite diverse: jubilant support, but also disapproval, because it would distract attention from politics.

The frivolous men's shoes would show that Hugo de Jonge does not take things so seriously. But the opposite is of course true: Hugo de Jonge works very hard, but you can just celebrate life! Fortunately, most reactions to his shoes are very positive. Hugo de Jonge has taste, courage and a good view of fashion, art and culture. He is not afraid to make a powerful statement and stands confidently in his Mascolori shoes. Of course we completely agree with that!

Shoes minister Hugo de Jonge

Brand shoes Hugo de Jonge

Minister Hugo de Jonge swears by the Mascolori brand when it comes to his shoes. On the one hand, this is of course because our men's shoes are of very good quality and simply fit very comfortably. Comfort and wearing pleasure are important values ​​for Mascolori. You should be able to wear them all day with ease. Even if you have to walk a long way or stand for a long time.

But the main reason why Hugo de Jonge chooses shoes from Mascolori is of course the appearance. Because that is very surprising again and again. Bright, striking colours, special materials such as fur and cork, exclusive designs and limited editions: he wears them all. And quite honestly? That suits him very well.

The Mascolori brand has been around since 2011 and is made for people who see the world a little differently. Taking those other steps. Choose a different perspective. Mascolorists are people who are not afraid to pioneer, express their opinions and explore new ideas. They are interesting and cheerful people. A group that keeps growing!

Mascolori shoes are basically created on the drawing board in Rotterdam. Usually by our own designers, but sometimes also in collaboration with other creative and enterprising people. So designed Arno Coenen the well-known Markthal shoe and artist Pieter Zandvliet presents a collage of his work on a pair of men's shoes.

In Portugal, the designs really come to life in a small-scale shoe factory. Here we work with attention and craftsmanship on our new Mascolori's. We then sell the small quantities in our stones store in Rotterdam and via our webshop.

Brand shoes Hugo de Jonge

Where does Hugo de Jonge buy his shoes?

Hugo de Jonge buys his shoes at Mascolori. He has been a loyal customer for years and we love him. In the Mascolori store in Rotterdam you will always find the latest models and designs. And if you come in every week, you know that the collection changes very quickly! Because we don't do one drop per season. We make the most beautiful shoes all year round.

In the Mascolori store you will find much more than just men's shoes. We also have matching shirts, belts and socks. We simply love details. Oh, and we haven't even mentioned ours yet women's shoes had! Boots and shoes with just as fine prints and the same special materials. So come and shop together!

Mascolori's brick store is located at Nieuwe Binnenweg 116 in Rotterdam. This is a 10-minute walk from Central Station. Of course you can also park your car here in the street, but paid parking applies here.

In the store you can only pay with your PIN or with a Mascolori Gift Card. That is for your and our safety. We are open from Tuesday to Sunday and are happy to assist you. Come see, try on, compare shoes. And immediately enjoy the exhibition of various artists in our store. Store? Feel free to call it a gallery!

Do you live far from Rotterdam or do you simply prefer to shop outside opening hours or from your lovely couch? Of course that is also possible! In our webshop you will find all our models of women's and men's shoes, and shirts, socks and belts have also been added there. Do you order before 3 p.m.? In most cases you will receive your new Mascolori's the next day.

Hugo de Jonge buys these shoes

Shoes Hugo de Jonge for sale

Mascolori shoes are not just for sale everywhere. They are far too unique for that. Hugo de Jonge buys his shoes in Rotterdam at Mascolori, or via the webshop. In both places you will find the most unique shoes in the Netherlands. Because even though Mascolori sounds nice and sunny and southern, we are simply a very Dutch company. Okay, admittedly: with a beautiful, small-scale factory in Porto.

Hugo de Jonge almost always wears men's shoes with a pointed toe. They look great with a tailored suit, but also look great with a casual outfit. He chooses shoes with bright colors, beautiful floral prints in the color of his suit and special materials such as cork. With a set of Mascolori's you can be sure that you will radiate your individuality. Because all models are made in a very small edition.

You also have the real collector items: they were made in collaboration with various artists. We call this the 'specials'. For example, Jeroen van Veen designed the Pianomanias, inspired by his world-famous reclining concerts. And Edward Teeuw from studio de Herenplaats designed a design with cubist faces in bright colors.

Hugo de Jonge has now become a real Mascolori collector. He already has many copies in his possession. But he is not the only one: the group of fans is growing quickly! We also notice this during the Mascolori parties. We see more and more new faces at the launch of new designs. Very nice! You are of course also very welcome. But remember: if you buy one pair of Mascolori's, there is almost a 100% chance that you will come back again. Just ask Hugo.

To buy: Shoes Hugo de Jonge

Boots Hugo de Jonge

Since January 2022, Hugo de Jonge has been Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning. A construction company from Katwijk gave him a pair of brightly decorated work boots as a gift for construction. Of course with a nod to Mascolori. We think it's quite an honor.

Hugo de Jonge could also have gotten boots from Mascolori. Perhaps not immediately suitable for construction, but certainly for almost any other occasion! Because our boots can be worn with good jeans, but certainly also in combination with a nice suit. For the man who is not afraid to look a little different.

Mascolori boots come in the same beautiful prints and designs as the pointed toe shoes. Made from materials such as leather, satin, stool, fur and suede. In a wide variety of colours, there is always a pair you will fall for. Figuratively then. Because Mascolori boots fit exceptionally well and are very comfortable to walk on.

Mascolori boots are made in a very small edition, so that they remain very exclusive. The model really breathes rock 'n roll and with that we show exactly who this boot was made for: the man who cherishes the artist within himself.

Boots Hugo de Jonge

More about Mascolori

We have much more to tell. Curious about the rest of our story?

Frequently asked questions about Hugo de Jonge's shoes

Hugo de Jonge can actually always be seen wearing the same model shoe from Mascolori: the pointed toe. He has now built up quite a collection of shoes. He has them in all kinds of colors and designs, but we dare to say that he has a preference for flowers and blue. His favorite model has an insole and inside of leather and a rubber sole. The exterior is made of leather, satin, fur, cork or suede. Did you know that many more politicians are now following Mascolori's point? Usually in a more subdued color and less striking, but they are really there: The Hague Mascolori fans!
The making itself takes place in beautiful Porto. There is a small-scale shoe factory where real professionals deliver traditional work. They produce all shoes for Mascolori in a sustainable manner using raw materials from the region. We are very proud of that! The preceding design process takes place in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. That is the home base and creative breeding ground of Mascolori. In our studio, ideas, materials and possibilities come together in new designs. We are inspired by city life, interesting people and art and culture.
The shoes worn by Hugo de Jonge are for sale at Mascolori itself. You will find our store in Rotterdam at Nieuwe Binnenweg 116. Although it looks more like a gallery or museum when you walk into our house. No wonder: our shoes are all masterpieces. We are open from Tuesday to Sunday and you are of course very welcome to come and have a look or try on. You can also contact us online. The current collection is for sale in our webshop, but you will also find older models there. Tall men can also contact us, because the sizes go up to size 47. Do you order before 3 p.m.? Then there is a good chance that you will receive your order the next day. Be like Hugo and shine with your new shoes!
Hugo de Jonge makes no secret of his love for special shoes. He likes to show off his new shoes and tells us where he bought them: at Mascolori. The reason why he wears colorful and unique shoes? Because being boring is always possible. There is no reason to dress somberly. Minister Hugo de Jonge also likes to share about his collection of Mascolori shoes online. He even uses his own hashtag on Twitter: #movelikehugo. And this is happily adopted by fans of Mascolori and used in their own Mascolori tweets.
Hugo de Jonge wore SING ALONG shoes from Mascolori during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. He received these from Mayor Aboutaleb with the idea of ​​then auctioning them off for charity. There is only one pair of these brightly colored shoes and that is probably why they fetched quite a lot of money. Maarten Reijgersberg, director and founder of communications agency RauwCC offered 2,200 euros and became the new owner. In turn, he donated the shoes to Museum Rotterdam, where they are now on display.

Buy Hugo de Jonge shoes at Mascolori – THE Shoe Shop in Rotterdam

Seeking a shoe store in Rotterdam? Then you must have seen Mascolori. Here you can buy shoes that are special and special. Beautiful materials, special models and crazy prints: for special men's shoes in Rotterdam you should definitely go to Nieuwe Binnenweg 116.

Sneakers, derbies, boots and pointed toes: Mascolori sells several awesome models in a beautiful shoe store in Rotterdam. Just like in the webshop, by the way. Have you ever looked there? Do you want to complete your outfit? Then go for matching socks, a belt or a shirt. Warning: you will be recognized as a Mascolorist!

In addition to men's shoes, Mascolori also sells beautiful women's shoes in Rotterdam. Ankle boots, heeled boots and sneakers that can also match the men's shoes from this beautiful brand. You'll definitely make a statement with these shoes.

Are you going to buy shoes in Rotterdam? Then you are very welcome in our special store, where we are happy to tell you the story behind our brand. You are very welcome among our special shoes in Rotterdam!

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