Mascolori Discount Code

Mascolori Discount Code

Yes discount! Everyone wants a discount and we understand that. Because if you get a discount you save money for your next pairs of Mascolori. Because we only work with the best materials and produce all shoes by artisans in Portugal, our shoes cost more than some others. That makes sense if you go for quality. We strive for the best quality in designs, materials and fit. That is why customers (better known as Mascolorists) who already have dozens of pairs and like to shop at Mascolori. The prices we ask are fair and there are no strings attached. We also do shipping free. Just like the coffee and cookies in the store. You are our king.

Instead of throwing around discounts, we offer you an unforgettable experience and the best and most special shoes. We always have an offer in the store for people who have a small wallet or have spent too much on the terrace. We will dig these up from the cellar for you. These are samples and remnants from previous collections. You can also find some of these shoes on the Sale page. And of course we recommend that you sign up for the newsletter. Our theme is Mascolorists First. This means that regular customers and people who read our newsletter are the first to be informed about parties and offers, sales, sales and summer bangers.

Mascolori Discount Code

Mascolori Sales

We have a sale somewhere in the summer and somewhere in the winter. We don't let these sales periods last too long because we don't stunt with prices. Our strength does not lie in the lowest possible price. Our strength lies in inventiveness, quality and experience. Shopping at Mascolori is not a difficult ordeal, but pleasant and relaxed. We always have a cup of coffee ready for you, and we are happy with your love for the shoes we designed. However, sales are sometimes necessary because otherwise we cannot make enough room for new collections. Because the ideas keep flowing and so do they the new Mascolori's. In summary, we recommend that you visit us as often as possible Mascolori Store in Rotterdam, the Sale page keep an eye on it and sign up for the newsletter because then you will be the first to know when a promotion, sale or friend discount is being given away.

At Mascolori you can save on your purchase. You can do this by subscribing to the newsletter. This means you will receive a nice 15 euro discount. You can also take a look at the sale page, where there are all Mascolori's that we do not keep in the collection and are therefore selling for a nice price. You can certainly save around 100 euros here.
We sometimes give discounts, we have a sale twice a year, we sometimes have a nice promotion. But another way to pay less for your Mascolori's is to ask your friends and loved ones for a Mascolori gift card for your birthday or Christmas.
You can enter the discount code in the shopping cart. So you should not go straight to checkout, but first enter the discount code in the shopping cart. This can be done at the bottom of the page.

Mascolori 15 euro welcome discount when registering for the newsletter

Sign up for the newsletter so you will hear all the great Mascolori news, but as a welcome bonus you will receive a discount code in your inbox that will give you a discount on your purchase. The newsletter naturally contains the new models that arrive every few weeks. You can also read about our parties and backgrounds about the shoes. And we have a sale every now and then. To be precise, we have a big sale twice a year. Then some Mascoloris will make way for new pearls. However, some Mascolori's never go on sale. This is possible because we sell them out at the regular rate or because we reorder them and remain in the collection.

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