Embrozes Water

The Embrozes are online and you can pre-order them until April 30th 2022.

After that we will decide which of these make it to the main collection.So if you want to be sure that you can wear your favorite and purchase them with a temporary pre-order discount, act now!

Artist and friend Pieter Zandvliet is the genius behind the Embrozes Trio. Based on his design, we have created three sunny Mascolori's. The roses are drawn in typical Zandvliet style. Surrealistic, playful with strong graphic lines. Roses as only he can portray them.

The three models all have a leather base in striking colours. The patterns are embroidered on the leather. This has all been accomplished by digitizing the patterns drawn in a Mascolori template and converting them into an embroidery pattern. Craftsmanship and high-tech come together. The leather was embroidered at one of our partners in sunny Portugal, after which it was sent to the Mascolori shoemaker. A mouth-watering result...

The bright peach coloured embroidery really compliments the calm blue leather base of this model. Made on a medium / wide last, this shoe is suitable for pretty much everyone! As per usual this model comes with an equally gorgeous matching belt!
You can order one or more Embrozes Mascolori's until April 30th So order your size quickly with, if desired, the equally beautiful matching belt. We will probably don't produce all three so don't risk missing out on your favourite. In addition, you now receive a summer pre-order discount. The delivery time is a maximum of 3 months, so we will ship them before August.
The gorgeous materials of this shoe of course need proper maintenance. That is why we always advise to protect the shoes with Repel spray by Jason Markk. This will ensure that the shoes are protected from water and other dirt. We advise that you repeat this procedure every month, but this, of course, also depends on how often you wear them.