You can safely pay with Paypal or credit card. You will choose from these payment options in the order screen.

Paypal is a payment option that you can use when you do not have a credit card. PayPal is an intermediate bank account that transfers money from your account and puts it in the account of the seller. It is very secure, as the seller cannot get the details of your private bank account. It’s safe, fast, easy and free. PayPal assures your purchases so you can simply file a dispute if you do not get your purchase. PayPal will examine the situation and if it appears that you did not receive your product your money will be refunded. All in all, it’s much easier and more accessible than a credit care plus it’s very secure. You can also use a cred card (Visa / Mastercard) to pay if you choose the Paypal option.

Credit Card
Select the Credit card payment option on the menu to pay by credit card.